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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

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Monday, January 20, 2014

What is an Empath?

So I haven't written on here in awhile, I had a few friends & clients ask me recently what me being an Empath means, so I decided to share my experience and knowledge on this subject. I do hope that this helps your understanding, feel free to comment or ask questions:

There are 5 types of Empaths, and they are:
Emotional Empath
Physical Empath
Animal Empath
Global Empath
Earth Empath

First I will explain the basic of empaths which is the emotional empathy. This empath feels the emotions of other people, for most its hard to distinguish between your own feelings and others feelings. For me it's not difficult most of the time, however sometimes I still doubt or question myself. I think the reason why man can't decipher if they are their own feelings or someone elses is because they don't focus, there not educated in meditation, aura's, energies, or the many ways of shielding. Intent is the key word here, if you are strong enough, practice enough you can protect yourself.

I will explain how It works for me, Ever single person is made up of energy, this energy is unique to that person - I like to use the example of finger prints, every person has a unique finger print - same goes for energy - which is related to the persons aura, I can see and feel aura's, as well as pickup on emotions. Most of the time I know who the person is if I focus enough my witchy side and connect to that person. Sometimes it can be extremely overwhelming, especially if I am close to the person. Recently I have been overwhelmed with issues and have had to meditate more, as well as focus more on my intent to shield which sometimes is a challenge.

Second is a Physical Empath: this is when you take someone's physical issues as your own, these can be ailments such as headaches and sicknesses - Most empaths once they leave the person who they are feeling it dissipates - in my case it depends on how close I am to the person. I can actually pickup on someone from far away, I can be at work and all of a sudden feel dizzy, headache, sick to my stomach and I know it is not me because I was fine, if I focus enough I can pinpoint who's energy it is.

Third is Animal Empath: Same as Emotional Empath but with animals. Some can read dogs, cats, or certain animals only. I am able to pickup on all types of animals. For some of us we are unable to enjoy places such as Zoo's , Animal shelters and Circuses. I know for me its quite overwhelming especially if the animals are having physical or emotional ailments. For example me I feel stress, suffocating feelings as well as trapped or claustrophobic feelings. I am especially drawn to Elephants and Wolves - (Animal totems) and when I have been at one particular Zoo back in New York many years ago with friends, I was still with my ex husband at the time and would have to hide my gifts and issues - well I had a horrible experience with an elephant they had there that was abused, to the naked eye they wouldn't of known, but immediately I could feel this poor animal, it literally made me ill, made me sick to my stomach, severe headache, sadness was overwhelming and I had to vomit from the pain. I make a personal choice not to go to any of these places. I have been to the Zoo once since I moved here and had to leave after about 45 minutes.

Fourth is a Global Empath - Feel the world as a whole, all peoples energy, they tend to pickup on global catastrophes before they happen, can feel it 24 hours before event or months before start having issues. Its quite different than just having sympathy, or empathy after something tragic happens. This type of Empath tends to stay away from the news, which is what I do, people often look at me oddly when they find out I rarely watch or read the news.

Fifth is Earth Empath: Picking up feelings or sensations from the earths energy.
If a major earth quake is coming they may suffer from physical ailments, this also can happen in some cases 24 hours before or months before depending on how sensitive the person. I know for me before 9/11 I had dreams (which I will talk about another time) and got sick way before it happened, but at the time I had no idea why, looking back I realize what was going on.
Also planet alignments, and change in barometric pressure before a storm - these two things can be quite uncomfortable. In my case it causes migraines & vision issues.

Not all empaths experience all of these, some are just one, for those extremely sensitive like myself I experience all 5 of these, sometimes it can be unbearable. But with meditation, shielding and a strong willpower of intent you can do it.

I have my good times and bad times, lately I have not been doing too well with it - and some of you who are on my Facebook may think I am a depressed and miserable person, but in my case a lot of the things I post are not my feelings but someone else's that I am picking up on.

I also have precognitive dreams (dreams that come true) visions when things are about to happen, about people, I have been known to be telepathic, (reading people) as well as seeing spirits, communicating with them.

Many Empaths that you might meet, are loners, they tend to be homebodies, not going out as much, its not because they don't enjoy friends or family, it's because sometimes it becomes very overwhelming and it's just easier to stay home, alone ............I am this way a lot, if I am invited somewhere, I may not feel good enough to go - because of the environment I might be going into. Other times I really want to get out of the house and if I know ahead of time, I will mediate, do a ritual or cleanse myself in preparation.

I hope that this helps you understand further what an Empath is, the types and what they struggle with on a daily basis.

If you would like to comment feel free too, any questions post below - but you need to join the blog in order to write so follow the instructions. Also if you have any subjects you would like me to discuss or explain further please post here or on my Facebook page.

Bright Blessings,