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Monday, November 18, 2013

Some writing

So I started a story years ago, I found it on my old hard drive, read it and thought it was decent, but want some opinions on if you think I should continue the story or not..........please feel free to comment....you need to join this blog site in order to comment........

This is some of it not all of it, left some of the racy stuff out for now....

His eyes were as dark as the night, filled with passion and desire as he glanced at her beautiful pale skin. As she held his hand in hers, they walked along the sand, the sound of the ocean waves playing like beautiful music in the background. He reached over, cupped her face in his hands, and whispered into her ear: "Come love, let me show you that the world is yours for the taking, if you will only choose to follow".

She stood with a light brunette color of hair, which was held up on her head but still had it falling behind her. Her flesh pale yet a shade of pink revealed she was still living. He thought as he pondered on her beauty, why would such a lovely creature love a beast like as me?

She glanced at his stunning eyes as he whispered upon her. She felt safe in his presence, as if she could live in this moment forever, if it did not but feel like a dream. She touched his cheek ever so gently and said "I would walk with you wherever you would lead my sweet, if but only you would ask".  As they continued to walk, it was all she could do to contain herself from thinking "How long with this last, will he be here for me always? Until my last breath?" Seeing so much hope in his eyes, made her feel as if all was right within the world.  This was not the case however, and is not, as there are many things that could pose a threat to her and his happiness.  How could she love this man so, glancing at his wonderful pale complexion, long silky black hair, and somewhat iridescent eyes that glowed in the darkness. She so wanted just to touch him, if for only a moment.  Thoughts of his warm embrace made her shiver with excitement.  As his eyes made contact with hers, she realized that she loved this man, and he was
her lover. How could these thoughts be her own, as she just met this man, many questions ran through her head.

He thought to himself, as he glared into this eloquent woman's eyes, "I could share all that is within me with her if only given the chance, and be truly content."  He had so many fears and uncertainties, for so many of his years, that it was hard to persuade himself otherwise. He thought "How could this be, how was it possible that he would end up with such an elegant, witty, stunning, woman that radiated loveliness and sensuality?"

They were walking together as if they had been together forever, as one. In her mind, she thought how could such a charming man be attracted to her? She reflected "I am not special in any way, a simple girl, who is somewhat smart, and could hold a tête-à-tête on her own." They walked along the gravel road, on the way to his abode.  At first she was uncertain, earlier in the day, when he asked if she would accompany him to his place. She was always taught by her wicked mother, that a lady does not give herself freely to a man, unless that man is willing to make a commitment. Her family said it was the proper thing to do and that they wouldn't want the small town to get wind of it, even if it was innocent.  After all, they had their family name to protect. Even when she was with her family, she felt invisible, as they always looked upon her brothers and sister differently then they looked upon her. It was as though they never had much hope in her future, and they made that abundantly clear every day of her life.

When they walked around the bend, all she could see was a large fence with a long walkway to what can only be described as dim, quiet, and somewhat uncanny property. She liked the anticipation, the oddness and vagueness of the home from outside. Hell, she was always held back in life by her parents always telling her that if she was too nice of a girl, and wasn’t careful or leery of everyone, that something bad would come about her.  As they approached the glass door she came to the realization that she might be taking a huge risk with this man, but she was going to enjoy making love to this man, even if it was immoral. This sensual, caring, person that she truly enjoyed spending time with, she could be herself and he still accepted her.

Before they approached the entrance to his home, he approached her, as his lips would press against hers ever so gently for the first time, but feeling as if it was not the first time, slowly his hand would reach down to her waist, feeling the fabric of her corset. He pulled away and reached for the door and held it open for her as she stood in silence, somewhat hesitant if only for a moment. She gazed into his eyes and felt that she was home. In that one moment she felt more content than in her entire life.

She recognized how strange it was that when she felt him so close it was yet so familiar to her. As she stepped through the door and into his abode, the home was exquisite, yet dark and inviting. Taunting her to come in further, as he shut the door behind her, he held out his hand and grasped hers in his and pulled her closer then she had ever experienced with him. Pulling her closer to his body, he gently kissed her with his soft wet lips and whispered in her ear “Nothing that you do not want will occur here in my arms my love, that is my pledge to you my dear”.

He gently lifted her up in his arms with no objection. As he did so he placed his lips again onto hers ever so gently again, while whispering that he loved her more then he could imagine and to trust in the familiar feeling they shared. Once he reached the landing at the top of the stairs he walked past two rooms and into a large dark room. As they entered the doorway the moon shined brightly through the window, all she could do was think this but just a dream and that she would wake up soon. A beautiful canopy bed was the first thing she laid her eyes upon. It had rose pedals scattered upon it with blood red linens. It was hard to see as there was only light from the few candles lit around the bed.

He then laid her ever so gently on the bed, as he lit a few more candles for which he could see her lovely face. She sighed as she leaned back nervous about what was to occur between them. Never had she felt the excitement and anticipation of his touch again.  
As he approached the bed, her body twitched in ecstasy at the thought of his gentle hands all over her body. He reached over to the bed and laid next to her, pulling her close to him as he positioned himself behind her, as he snuggled and pulled her close, her ass up against the front of his body. Immediately she felt his excitement up against her, and that made her bud wet and start to throb. 

Okay thats it for now..........will write more or share more if I get some feedback

Sunday, October 6, 2013

The Dangers of using Ouija Boards

My first subject I will discuss is the use of Ouija boards when communicating with the other side. Most people I have talked to since I was a teenager have at some point either played with one or thought about it. Its a game sold in toy stores all over and advertised as being fun. Well I can tell you from first hand experience that it is not fun, can cause major issues in your life and shouldn't be used in any circumstances. If you chose to play with one make sure you are ready for the negative consequences.

My first experience with a Ouija board was when I was thirteen years old, I went to Shakespeare theater and sat at a picnic table with a friend, she pulled it out of her back pack and she and I decided with a few friends to play with it, well it went wrong very fast and freaked the two people we were with who left, and she and I decided to throw it in the trashcan. We then walked back to her house which was about five blocks and during our walk we discussed the strange things that happened and if the other two friends thought we were playing a joke on them. When we approached her back yard and went to walk up to the back porch there was the Ouija board sitting on the steps. No I am not exaggerating, and this really did happen to me. Her parents were not home, and the two people we were with weren't playing a joke on us because they left twenty minutes before us and it was not possible.

After communicating with spirits all of my life, I have also experienced negative entities as well as demons, yes there are demons, whether you are a believer or not. Those that are weak, some with mental illness, have no faith, and ask for negative things by playing with shit they do not understand they are welcoming in things that they have no idea what they can do to them in life and after death. Negative entities and demons often disguise themselves as spirits of loved ones that have passed, and those that are desperate to communicate with loved ones do not know the ramifications of such communication.

I am going to give you one of my experiences that I don't often talk about with many. I think I have only shared this story with maybe two people in my life. I was going through a bad time in my marriage, being with this person for twenty years and only married for about three, we were having major difficulties and I decided to go visit a girl - friend I met on line with similar beliefs, I had never travelled at that time alone, and decided to take a train to go visit her for four days in Philly.

During that time we were up late the second night I was there, she was on the computer IM'ing with someone and we were discussing different subjects that we enjoyed speaking about. After hours of talking we went to sit in the living room with some drinks, and as we were talking all of a sudden she got quiet, her body language changed, she tensed up, her face went blank, and immediately she glanced over at me with this blank stare. The temperature in the room changed, my emotions changed and I felt threatened for some reason, so I immediately tried to shield myself in case something was about to happen. I used to show fear, but now that I have learned how to control it, shield, and work on protective spells and magic to guide me through life.

Before I continue with the story I want to tell you that someone like myself - as many who are gifted out there can attest to - we are like an appetizer to negative entities, negative people and especially demons and those who are possessed. They feed off our energy because we are strong, and me being a natural witch I tend to attract crap I do not want to attract. My experiences in Salem Mass really opened my eyes up to the bad things that can happen to both the living and those that have passed on.

As I sat on my friends chair she looked over at me and said "He doesn't like you being here", so my response was "Who are you talking about" , her response was "the man who comes in my dreams". I sat there for a few minutes afraid to let my shield down, the feel in the room drastically changed. So I responded "Who doesn't like me being here and why?" she said he is jealous of you". I looked back at her and said "he has no reason to be jealous of me" and then just like someone had snapped their fingers her face changed back to normal and she changed the subject again, the room changed back to the feeling before and she acted like she had no idea about our conversation a few moments before.

I didn't sleep much during my visit, but we decided to take a few hours of nap time and headed out that morning to the main strip in the city to walk around, shop and during our time we decided to go to a popular diner to have some food and it's there where I brought up the subject of the man coming to visit her in her dreams. She said she was feeling lonely, she played with a Ouija board months before my visit by herself and had a conversation with someone she said was an old friend who died years previously. This is not the case, she welcomed a demon into her life who would come to her in her dreams, he would have sex with her - some of you call it an Incubus, I call it a demon. He would have his way with her, feed off her energy during her sleep, to where she was lethargic, sickly all the time, and she was pushing family & friends away all the time. He felt threatened by me because I am a natural witch and a threat to him being in her life.

That evening while we were in her room, she was chatting online to a mutual friend of ours, and I was scared shitless at what happened - I was sitting on the bed, felt a cold cold chill through my body, looked up and her body tensed, she turned to look at me, her expression changed, and her language changed, this entity took over her body and basically threatened me, I was sacred shitless because I was there alone with her, I talked like I had no idea it wasn't her - and within a few minutes he was gone and she was talking like herself again. (there is much more to this conversation but I would like not to relive it) After she snapped out if it - she asked me what happened - and I said what do you mean? She said I blacked out again - what happened? I then asked her how much have you blacked out, she said once a week at least since I played with the Ouija.

Long story short, I stayed in contact with this friend for over a year, however she was making me sick because she continued to feed this entity - and I told her she needed help - I was not strong enough at that time to help her and was fearful for my health and well-being. I was living with friends at that time going through a pretty rough divorce. She tried suicide a few times at this entities request - and that's when her husband put her in contact with a priest who would not help and then with a natural witch at my suggestion.

My point in this story is that playing with items that open up a portal to negative entities or demons is just asking for troubles such as: Health issues, Depression and much more. Now we all know all the ghost paranormal shows that are appearing now - and even though I am part of a group that does such investigations - I do not condone antagonizing or playing with shit that I know is bad. I am extremely protective of those around me and I can tell you when a spirit is not really a spirit of a person that has passed. These shows crack me up and I tend not to watch them anymore because its just for ratings. But you do have people who are already unstable somehow in their lives who watch and think they can be investigators, and play with crap they have no clue about.

I do try to keep my opinions to myself, however I will not budge with my strong belief that the last thing you want to do is play with a Ouija board. The consequences can be mild and could be severe, and the only way you will get rid of this crap is by a priest or a natural witch.

If you have any questions, or would like to comment feel free. I could probably write much more on this subject.

The life of a Medium

I figured I would write an introduction before starting my blog on anything Paranormal and/or Supernatural. My name is Christina, Most call me Chris and I originally am from CT, I have been living in Louisiana for over four years. I grew up Roman Catholic and now follow more of a Pagan path. I have been gifted since I can remember, first started by seeing spirits of those that have passed, being solid like a living person, I can communicate with spirits, I also can read peoples aura's, as well as pictures and many other things. I live with my two furbabies, Wednesday my rat terrier and Pugsley my pug and my room mate. I work as a tech clerk and am a member of the PARANOLA group based in New Orleans as a Paranormal Investigator/Medium in the group.

I tend to stay away from the news both TV and newspapers because it tends to open up things that sometimes I do not want to see. I am what you call an empath, I feel emotions of those around me unless I shield to protect myself since it can be quite overwhelming at times. I have what I like to call the "bullshit meter" where I can in person and online see what some ones personality or intentions are from the beginning. I have been told by friends at times "get out of my head" when I don't intentionally try to do this its just something that comes naturally. I consider myself a natural witch, I was in what you would call the closet for many years, but since I moved here I have embraced that side of me and my gifts. I believe in karma, past lives and reasons for things happening to you throughout your lives.

I love helping people with readings as well as health issues. I am currently working on writing a book/story loosely based on my life and fiction which I guess you can call a story about the Paranormal, suspense and romance all wrapped up in one story. I hope that you will find this blog helpful as I will be writing articles on several subjects. Please feel free too comment or suggest subjects you would like to be discussed.