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Celtic Elf

Sunday, October 6, 2013

The life of a Medium

I figured I would write an introduction before starting my blog on anything Paranormal and/or Supernatural. My name is Christina, Most call me Chris and I originally am from CT, I have been living in Louisiana for over four years. I grew up Roman Catholic and now follow more of a Pagan path. I have been gifted since I can remember, first started by seeing spirits of those that have passed, being solid like a living person, I can communicate with spirits, I also can read peoples aura's, as well as pictures and many other things. I live with my two furbabies, Wednesday my rat terrier and Pugsley my pug and my room mate. I work as a tech clerk and am a member of the PARANOLA group based in New Orleans as a Paranormal Investigator/Medium in the group.

I tend to stay away from the news both TV and newspapers because it tends to open up things that sometimes I do not want to see. I am what you call an empath, I feel emotions of those around me unless I shield to protect myself since it can be quite overwhelming at times. I have what I like to call the "bullshit meter" where I can in person and online see what some ones personality or intentions are from the beginning. I have been told by friends at times "get out of my head" when I don't intentionally try to do this its just something that comes naturally. I consider myself a natural witch, I was in what you would call the closet for many years, but since I moved here I have embraced that side of me and my gifts. I believe in karma, past lives and reasons for things happening to you throughout your lives.

I love helping people with readings as well as health issues. I am currently working on writing a book/story loosely based on my life and fiction which I guess you can call a story about the Paranormal, suspense and romance all wrapped up in one story. I hope that you will find this blog helpful as I will be writing articles on several subjects. Please feel free too comment or suggest subjects you would like to be discussed.


  1. Hi,
    I've put this topic off with you for awhile because of various reasons. One, I wanted to know you a bit better, and two because it's an extremely sensitive subject to me & my family personally.
    My son, has been diagnosed w/ autism since he was age 3. I knew at 10months when he was administered a combination of 3 vaccines that contained mercury ( Thimerasol-preservative ) it just magnified his disabilities. I myself have EXTREME ADHD even as an adult & I believe his father has Asperger's Syndrome ( a lessor form of autism ).
    Anyway, here's the thing. The year of Katrina my mother died on her birthday of Pancreatic Cancer. My mother in law, had been & continually was into the BLACK ART'S.. Quite extensively, but I, as a daughter in law really didn't want to believe her powers could be so profound, & to be honest she played the victim so well I truly just chalked it all up to the ol' adage " NOBODY EVER GET'S ALONG W/ THEIR MOTHER IN LAW ". So I made my share of mistakes concerning her & my 1st born son. HUGE mistakes..
    She liked to control energy, ( you know like have every1 fighting on Christmas Eve or any other ":special " occasion ) That in & of itself should have spoken worlds to me.. She always had every1 fighting so she could get her spells to go in her negative way. Also dates & times of EVERYTHING was so very important to her. When I was pregnant w/ my 1st born she burned a stick candle it was black over the t.v. & when I told her it made me uncomfortable she laughed maniacally. Once after leaving her alone w/ my son whn he was still under a yr old I noticed a razor thin cut on his left palm which she said happened when he crawled & cut himself.. " I KEPT MY FLOORS SPOTLESS BACK THEN!! " I believe she took his blood for some unGodly reason..
    Well, when my mother died, I had an open grave funeral at Rest Lawn Cemetery, but I kept both children out of school that day & brought them to the funeral. It was a Catholic funeral & my brother as well as my mom were both cremated & buried together.. Looking back bringing my non-verbal son to an open grave funeral at a cemetery wasn't very bright but back then I hadn't any clue.
    Anyway, shortly after that Katrina hit ( 5months later to b exact ) and that's when the REAL problems w/ my son began. He would get extremely violent, his eyes would get dark circles b4 each episode ( still to this day that happens but a lot less because I've had " some " help from various spiritualist ).
    I think something much bigger then what my mother in law even wanted to call upon comes & goes w/ him when it wants to. My poor son cannot control it & suffers extremely because of it. As a family we all suffer, for if he doesnt hurt one of us physically just seeing sum1 we love so much go through so much agony is painful..
    If you could suggest something realistic for us to do to help him I would truly appreciate it..
    I will inbox u my phone number elsewhere, my cousin in-law suggested I talk w/ u but I was still very hesitant as u can surely understand this topic is quite sensitive to everyone concerned..
    Thank you..
    Hope to speak w/ u soon..

  2. Well first off dark magic is something I do not dabble in, I balance my dark and light as a natural born witch. However, black candles are not always used for dark magic. In regards to children with autism and other disabilities they tend to attract negative entities especially if he was around someone as dark as her with non good intentions. I would be curious to know what things you have done up until now. However the only thing I can suggest is blessings, candles, sage to protect where he sleeps and lives regularly, as well as surrounding him by positive things. Clutter in the room wont help, and to encourage him with love & light, white candles, sage, and a blessing by a priest or a natural witch, a very strong witch. I don't like to surround myself by dark entities because I am not strong enough right now, I have been exposed about four people in my life that had dark things attached to them and I am like a treat to them , although I am much better protecting myself now - but still not 100 percent. I will do some research and get back to you. I am sorry you have had to go through this situation, I know how frustrating it is to watch someone you love go through this.

    I will see what the goddess and my guides tell me, its not a quick answer and I will keep you posted.

    Thank you for the comment & sharing such a sensitive subject. I know it was difficult.

  3. Ok, well I know for a fact she was into the DARK ARTS, & I also know that a black candle can be used for banishing.. Her intentions were NEVER good & her control of energy to pull off her negative spells were ALWAYS negative. I have decided to talk w/ my Priest since we are of Catholic faith predominantly. I just wanted your opinion & I want to thank you for your input.